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Founder and Inspiration

Judaline Dellimore-Vansant, better known to many as Gramma, Ma, sometimes Auntie, has touched so many lives in so many years. If angels live amongst us, then I do believe she is one of them. From the moment she walks into a room you feel her kind and compassionate spirit. But by no means would anyone dare take her kindness for a weakness because when it comes to wellbeing of her community's youth, any one who can't do for themselves, or under privileged or battered, she is as fearless as a lioness. Her presence commands the room in a gentle and wise manner that even the most astute will stand at attention when she speaks her wisdom, hope and dreams for tomorrow.

And that is why as I humbly put these words together in her honor I finally see a brighter future with a clear and concise yet tangible goal. She has confronted the issue of rehabilitation for prisoners by helping them become productive members of our community. She has adopted families over the years for the holidays ensuring they too will have as much joy brought in to their homes as her family. She has fostered children who started out as impossible, challenged or mentally unstable and reared them into young adults enjoying their own families and traditions taught to her as a young girl.

People naturally gravitate to her helping her feed hungry neighbors from her own kitchen to it becoming such a large venture it became a food bank that's one of a kind. Some have even been fortunate to hear her words of wisdom when she was an assistant pastor. I can only imagine her words resonating in each and every ear. Words of peace, happiness, gratitude and hope.

She has many end goals that including myself would like to see happen in our lifetime. Some of them include:

. • community center one of it's kind teaching...


  • Gardening, farm to table habits to our youth.

  • Better cooking habits, healthy lifestyle choices

  • For-profit store fronts supporting non-profit programs

  • Food truck that teaches life skills to our youth helping them be ready for life issues.

  • Tutoring/classes/life coaching

  • Programs helping anyone with challenges such as autism-- teaching empowerment to succeed in society.

You will always see Judaline planning another Family FunDay, feeding the homeless, adopting a family in need for the holidays or mentoring troubled youth. She is the inspiration for each and everyone of us to do better, be better but most of all HELP MORE!


Executive Assistant to the Founder

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. Samantha is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day. Her background is in catering and events, but she has welcomed this wonderful change with an open heart. Come visit the store sometime so he will likely be there with her dog Indigo. 

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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