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Hi, my name is Samantha Bann, I would like to take a brief moment of your time to introduce myself if I may. First and foremost let’s start with a little bit about myself and how this fortuitous moment that has brought us all to this precise moment has happened. It also, I believe, just might be a great ice breaker...

Well I have been in the catering and events business my entire professional career (too many years to mention). And not a single moment have I ever wanted to take back. This truly has been the most amazing ride and I'm fortunate to say that I really have been blessed being able to do what I love. The only thing I honestly could say is that I never had the time to give back to my community. A single mom of three we all know just how demanding life becomes and the tireless demanding hours that usually get no recognition. But when times were difficult for me and my the children I ran to my community for it's support, because I didn’t want to burden my family who was also my main source of financial aid. After going through that process of needing food stamps, medical aid and so forth I began to think about how things could have been easier, or even perhaps easier to my ego, because after so many years of being the breadwinner to my children, it really was difficult to humbly tuck my tail, go to a stranger and ask for their help. I have always been a proud person, so when the day came that I realized I was drowning, it was very hard for me. I've met social workers that were amazing and left a wonderful impression on my heart, but I have also met the latter.

Moving on... One day, not so long ago, I might add, I met the most amazing woman who honestly had changed my life forever, her vision, her story, her honesty, her strength has made me look at myself and my life. She has lit a flame in me that cannot be extinguished! She brought so much light into my days telling me stories about her life as a child, then motherhood and now her recent days. I then took a look at my life and saw where I had faltered as a member of my community. Where and when did I possibly turn a blind eye? Or perhaps pushed this sudden sense of need to give back under the rug for, "another day". Yes, we have all said it, I humbly sat up and with a sudden urgency listened to every word from the edge of my seat.

Well that day has come, ladies and gentlemen! Let's all together as a group decide that now is the time for all of us to give back to those who are less fortunate. Giving back does not necessarily mean monetarily, by the way. This is the message I received from her that evening: Her vision is simple, if you have a hand then give a hand. So simple and clear, I felt shameful now for wasting so much time that could have been used for the greater good of my fellow neighbors.

Can you possibly spare an hour or two a week and help at the store? Can you deliver groceries to the elderly? Do you have time to provide your expertise about gardening and come to the community center( a much desired vision of hers) where you can help teach our youth farm to table habits? Are you a lawyer, a doctor, a small business owner in town who would love to take on a mentee for the summer? These are all tiny roles in the master plan of a much greater scheme.

These are all tangible goals ladies and gentlemen! They really are, but they must start with each and every one of us. We need to show our younger generations what happens when you give back. It's time for our children to look up to us and tell their grandchildren and great grandchildren about those precious moments we all made together. Our children will then one day have the foundation that we instilled in them stories about tough times that had happy endings, or inspiring words about how they became small business owners because of the mentors they were fortunate to work under who gave them that extra leg up that one summer so many years before.

I beg, I urge you to please let today be the day that you decide that no one needs to go hungry again, or with out a job, or displaced because of a terrible situation they had to endure. Please call, chat, come on by l the store, talk with us to see how your expertise might come in handy. Please don't forget that you are always welcome to give your financial support. So contact us today, do not hesitate or waste another moment please and find out what your donation will do to lift up someone's life if not for a day then for a lifetime.

Thank you for your time and may G-d bless you,


Executive Assistant to the Founder

Debourah's House

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