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Why ME!?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I remember when I was in high school oh so many moons ago.... that dreadful day when I was informed about what colleges wanted to see as an individual that was "well rounded". So no matter the fact the stress of working, school assignments, keeping up with the Jr. Jones and whos who in your grade... Now we have to donate our time!

The most ridiculous thing I would say over and over again as I pulled my jeans on, put my hair up in a bun and grumbled my way out the door to my car to go "donate" my weekend to the elderly because no way would i ever be a candy striper, go feed the homeless or any other crazy job they recommended. I remember I sat in the car outside the retirement community watching at the odd old couples skipping by my car. I noticed how happy they were, well dressed like they were attending a wedding and gazing into their loved ones eyes like they were in high school! I must have the wrong address I kept saying over and over looking at the address and my map guide (kids cell phones never existed then). I came to the conclusion that I would walk to the receptionist and figure out where I really was.. it was like Ibiza for the elderly, this was far from normal. If I could only have the courage to write the thoughts that went through my head that day.. I'm not sure of you would laugh or cry at my idea of what I was expecting. Moving on...I found out it was the right place and I was extremely wrong. After a month of helping out at the front desk I was "promoted" to the gift shop still donating my time, well actually a lot more than I expected to. As my time moved on there I became friends with a lot of the residents there and meeting their families that would come to visit them. I also became friends with some of the elderly that didn't have anyone and I made a point of becoming their plus one to events there. I lost a couple of dear friends in my years there and that was a low point, but I have the most wonderful memories and learning experiences from these wonderful people. I loved to listen to their stories that were so vivid I would play them in my head as if I were there myself.

What was the point of this blog... well I was thinking about my days there reminiscing.... I guess to remind everyone that we all will grow old one day so lets not forget about our elderly. I hear stories about the kind old lady that barely had a bite to eat, but always made sure the homeless didn't starve. Or other terrible stories about just forgetting to visit loved ones and tragedy would happen.

Time is precious, that's why its the best commodity we all have that we can use, abuse or wisely invest in. How do you spend those extra precious minutes? Can you afford to donate a few to lift up those in need? Teach your children to help every person in need and imagine what a beautiful world we will live in then.

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